William Joseph Durham's Parents

Henry Durham and Mary Durham Resided in Hopkins County, Texas in the year 1874

Henry Durham and Mary Durham lived in Sandfield, Texas (Hopkins County/East Texas) when William Joseph Durham was born on April 6, 1896.  Census reports show that the Durham's parented 11 children of their own and that all their children attended school and could read and write.  The Durham's owned a medium size farm where they grew crops of cotton and peanuts on sharecropper land historically known a Negro Village in Sandfield, Texas.  Henry Durham had some standing within local politics in the capital city of Hopkins County known as Sulphur Springs, TX (originally Bright Star).  The Caddo and Cherokee Native Americans once lived in this area of East Texas.  Records suggest that Henry Durham's father Zakaria was Jewish and studied law at some point and that his mother, Daisy, was Afro-Indigenous American of Cherokee "AniYinWeYah" ancestry.  Records suggest that Henry Durham's family lived on the Chickasaw Reservation in Tennessee Indian Territory, at some point.
You may wonder why this information is important to his story.  Let it be known that you can only know the heart of a man from whence the struggle his people faced and the land that his identity has been forged upon without question or excuse.

Henry Durham
 Barber, Farmer and Local Politician

 Dec. 7, 1855 (Mulatto)- Jan 20, 1919 (Colored)

Father of William Joseph Durham, Henry Durham, who was born in Jefferson County, Texas, US.  Henry's parents are (Father) Zakariah Durham and (Mother) Daisey Durham both were born in Arkansas.

Mary Durham

Jan 30, 1856 (Mulatto)- January 31, 1928 (Negro)

Mother of William Joseph Durham, Mary Durham was born in Springfield, Greene, Missouri, US.  Her parents were said to be of Negro  descendance and Afro-Indigenous American descendance. 

Hopkins County Courthouse - Sulphur Springs was designed by J. Riely Gordon.  The courthouse was modeled as a Romanesque Revival courthouse and was completed in 1895. 

The Hopkins County Courthouse that was built in 1895 still stands in 2022 and represents Power, Place in Texas History.

Henry and Mary Durham's 11 Birth Children.  Named chronologically  according their birth.

Ella Durham 1874-1874
Zach Durham 1877-1950
Daisy Durham-Nelson  1882-1960
Marion Durham 1885-1964
MS Durham  1886-1920
Bruce Durham  1887-1961
Albert Durham 1890 - unknown
Pauline Durham 1894-1995
William Joseph Durham  1896-1970
Mary Durham 1898-1919
Fred Durham 1990-1930

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