The Soul Sojourn:  William Joseph Durham

Welcome to "Chasing Durham"

Searching for leads into William Joseph Durham's Career and legal accomplishments as a Civil Rights Attorney from the 1920's - 1970's has not been a simple matter of pulling books off of library shelves and logging into reference files of his legal cases in Texas and throughout the United States, in actuality an intensive dig through layers of unrelated information, frustration from incorrect writings, tight lipped fear of what may be revealed within the logs of his uncovering has been the journey of "Chasing Durham".  In all the experiences and written tales of William Joseph Durham's work you will discover within these tabs an accurate account of his life, world he lived in,  an evil age he bravely challenge - faced forward under great turmoil, hate and bigotry within the breath of his every footstep, white supremacy without excuse nor request implemented forged indoctrination of oppressive laws, concepts, precepts, practices and ideologies without right nor without due cause. 
William Joseph Durham was a daring, intelligent, spiritual blessed man from humble beginnings in North-East Texas, whose legacy has stood the test of time in the midst of being erased from Texas history and the United States records on race, segregation, human trafficking and silencing by the murdering and re-identifying the people whom were and still in desperate need of a righteous intervention.
As this introduction to "Chasing Durham" is being written it is very clear that there is much left untouched and hidden that will resurface about this great man, amazing leader, patriot of the United States Constitution, survivor of the brutal Jim Crow laws and advocate for Negro, colored, black, Afro-Indigenous Americans, Latino-American and Asian-American People's human dignity and access to the full process offered to every United States Citizen.
Think to yourselves, discus amongst your family, friends, religious leaders and colleagues about your modern struggles and rewards of your job, education, voting rights and United States privilege's and you will find that the foundational platform of your rise from the ashes stands on the shoulders of giants like William Joseph Durham.  Let us  give tribute and humble homage to Great Civil Rights Constitutional Patriots as William Joseph Durham.  Now, it is time to take a walk through time, memory and the triumphs over the evils that this man pushed through without warning nor apology.  "Chasing Durham" has begun. 

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